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Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
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100 Questions
Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
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To Be Continued...

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Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
Albert: Pennywise, Alberto CEO, Donald Trump, Boss Tweed
Anwei: Maw
Cassie: Hallmark, Dr. Laura
Cassie Lang: Freddy Krueger
The Chancellor: Godzilla
Chase: Thor
GLaDOS: Quest for Cakelot
Kang: Councilor Scales
Karis: Fangs
Kaya: Bubbles
Lash: Jimmy Neutron
Pinkie Pie: Frony
Ronnae: Sleighbells, Jingletown, Santa's Little Helper, Mistletoe
Rory: Scarface, Rorius Caesar
Sakura: Chakra Spice, Cherrybomb
Sam Henderson: Sampire
Stacy: Spacey Stacy, Crazy Stacy
Sumeragi: Boozeragi
Tigress: Sherrie Khan
Zouichi: Zou

Kon and Tim: Cape & Cowl
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Health Eval Form
Surveying my surroundings like a pro.



Name: Howard Bassem Age: 15 years Sex: M Height: 5'3inch Weight: 103lbs
[ ] Magical by nature/practices magic. [ ] Can't have magic used on. [ ] Contagious (see notes).
Average Lifespan: 69.8 Rate of Maturity: 18 years Average age of Puberty: 12 years

Normal Diet: Standard human diet (omnivorous). See file.

Common Ailments: Common human illness. See file.

Specific Notes: None.
All of the following sense-related questions are to be answered in comparison to an average Homo sapiens. Ask your medical provider for assistance in answering this section.
Blood Pressure: [ ] Average | [ ] Low | [x] High
Vision: [x] Fine | [ ] Near Sighted | [ ] Far Sighted | [ ] Enhanced
If Enhanced, further explain:
Hearing: [ ] Deaf | [ ] Low | [x] Average | [ ] High Range | [ ] Low Range | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If necessary, further explain:
Smell: [ ] Cannot Smell | [ ] Low | [x] Average | [ ] High | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If Extremely Sensitive, further explain:
Known Allergies: None.

Are there any potential complications with healing processes we should be aware of when treating you?: None.

Do you have a healing factor different from the average for your species? If so, explain how here: None.

Have you recently been screened for species, sex, and age specific cancer risks?: Yes.

Special notes on care: Vaccinations up to date for Earth-American human circa 2008 in relevant verses. See file for details.

Record of Past Injuries or Illnesses: History of childhood accidents and injuries, see file. Chicken pox at age 7. Severe malnutrition at ages 13-15.

Ship Health Records: Bite wound on foot (Epicurea, treated).
Date of Last Menses/Estrus/Equiv (skip if n/a): n/a
Have you ever been sexually active?: No.
Are you currently Sexually Active: No.
Have you recently been screened for STIs?: No.

Species specific sexually related health notes and/or issues: None.
Are you or should you be on any prescribed medication? If so, list below: None.

Have you taken any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances in the past? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: None.

Do you currently take any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: None.

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Open Meme Index
Canonified/Partially Canonified:
You know the part where I'm well-adjusted? Total lie.
Truth or Dare
How much did you like that bike, Zou?

Banana hammocks are not CLOTHES.
I ate the 'told you so' memo.
Zou's blood loss has some opinions.
Awkward make-outs!
Dolling me up in the sensoriums is creepy, Zou!
Drink your coffee, Zou.
We're written by crazy people, Anwei.
Stand back, I'm a doctor!
Wow, Zou, you have mommy issues.
Little kid Howard is about as fun-loving as teenage Howard.
Getting eaten by bugs is funtimez.
We haven't done vampires yet, so we can't die.
Of course Howard put the poison doily in his mouth.
The only fluffy Howard thread ever a.k.a. A Very Special Christmas.
A genderswap? How cliche.
No, you were always a jackass, Howard.
And I HATED Tremors.
Nice cubicle, Anwei.
Two-finger discounts!
I hope I'm from a videogame, for the extra lives.
Memory lane with Karis.
I had the weirdest dream...
Super creepy dream sequences.
You deliver one (1) package to Howard: a t-shirt of three wolves howling at the moon.
Punch the door. Owwwwwww.
I'm just going to move your bike over here mmkay?
Red Rover is obviously the most dangerous game.
Howard makes the world's biggest Stupid.
And Britta?
Dragging washing machines is tiring work.
Don't make this about my education!
Night night, Zouichi and Karis gets personal bubble privileges.
You only love me for my cat.
O hai Ildy.
O hai Alastirra and what what Amy does Rory know you think of me this way?
Best laundry ever.
Howard remains the most awkward kisser.
Dr. Howard and Typhoid Amy.
I need to throw tomatoes at the other ref.

Does Zouichi double as an FM radio?
Clearly there aren't any abandonment issues at play here.
How about that Lirath?
Screw Kanner and his stupid glasses.
I'm fully expecting Tim to blow me off.

I am really, really bad at riding my bike.
Morphine does not cure boredom.
Drugging you in the name of brotherly affection.
Battletoads and Thug Magnetz.
That car totally teleported here.
I dub you 'New Kid' also we need cat food.
Screw you, Kon, that shower is MINE.
You and what army, bird boy?
Actually, charging interest is totally part of loaning.

Dear Mun:
Orc, there's a beer tree!
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Medic Kit Contents
Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
Atraumatic Needles with Sutures - Used for stitches.
Gauze Pads - Howard has found that these are also nice to chew on.
Face Mask - This is Howard's. No one else is allowed to use it. He doesn't care if there's a plague, he gets it first and he's going to breathe all over it.
Bandages and Moleskin
Butterfly Stitches
Hypoallergenic Tape
Isoprene Gloves
Small Trauma Shears - 'Fancy scissors' for cutting clothing.
Alcohol Pads
Cotton Swabs
Tiny Flashlight - Howard carries this in his pocket rather than the kit.
Chemical Cold Pack
OPA - Used to keep an unconscious person's airway open. Looks sort of like a suction cup shower-curtain hanger.
Bag-Valve Mask - What, now you expect him to breathe for you? Stupid injured people.
Lighter - Howard carries this in his pocket rather than in the kit. Can be used to sterilize tweezers, needles, etzah etzah.

Meds and Liquids
Antibacterial Soap
Numbing Agents - like lidocaine but more hardcore.
Hemostatics - so you clot if you don't naturally, or in cases of severe bleeding.
Aspirin - anti-platelet, blood-thinning, plus a painkiller!
Ibuprofen - anti-inflammatory.
Antihistamine - shut up it's just allergies.
Acetaminophen Tabs - shut up it's just a headache.
Codeine - painkillers, whoopee!
Aloe Vera - sunburns, itching, yada yada. Stop scratching your stitches, he worked hard on those!
Activated Charcoal - Ipecac is so 2006.
Iodine - used as an antiseptic.
Lidocaine - makes you numb!
Burn Gel - basically a chemical cooling gel, can be applied to gauze to make burn pads.
Benzoin - treats everything from blisters to bronchitis, depending on how you use it!
Smelling Salts - arouses consciousness in some cases.

Note: Most of these are not kept in great quantities because that'd be heavy and take up space. Iodine is the exception.

Syringes and Hyposprays:
Adrenalin (Syringe) - for stabbing Zou in the leg.
Sedative (Spray and Syringe) - screw you, painkillers, I need instant relief here!
Numbing Agents (Spray) - even more hardcore than the gel.
Epinephrine (Spray and Syringe) - no anaphylactic shock for YOU!
Blunt Syringe - use with saline to flush icky stuff out of your wounds and eyes.

Note: There are only two or three small doses of each of these, and they should be left for emergencies.

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Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
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Surveying my surroundings like a pro.
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